Social Media

Active online listening is central to our agency philosophy.

We use leading digital software in combination with ‘human intelligence’ to analyse, interpret and sentiment online brand mentions. We present this information to you, with actionable insights, in formats that deliver real value across your organization.

Content Seeding & Influencer Relations

Amazing social media campaigns are powered by amazing content. We help brands to both utilise their existing media assets online and to develop fresh content driven campaigns that can work across both traditional media and digital channels. We identify key influencers across different social media channels and ensure that content that is being developed for our clients is matched to the needs and interests of their audience.

Audience & Advertising Planning

Audiences today can organise themselves in to even tighter online niches and millions of consumers can switch their attention from one site to another in a matter of months. We place detailed audience planning at the centre of what we do and target the communities and influencers that matter to you. Our targeted approach and understanding of online conversations helps us to manage and plan social media advertising campaigns that generate significant return on investment for our clients.

Community Management

Building and growing vibrant online communities for brands is one of Diffusion’s core skills. We ensure that community management is geared towards listening and actively responding to members as well as creating real conversations and engagement.

Digital Strategy

How social media is impacting on how your brand is perceived and how your customers behave, both today and in the future are answered by our digital strategy. Creative Disciples begins by working with clients to answer these strategic questions. We then dene the integrated role and approach that social media can and should play in increasing sales, reducing costs, supporting email database growth and improving customer satisfaction.

Platform Design & Build

Creative Disciples, design and build team have a track record in cost-effectively designing and developing social media platforms which really support engagement campaigns. Whether it’s Facebook App development, a campaign microsite or any prole, we ensure consistency across channels and with your brand.

Events & Experiential

We are expert in developing and implementing events that bring your brand, the public and the media together to deliver unforgettable consumer experiences. We view ourselves as an extension of your team and will work closely with you from brief to execution to ensure achievement of the set objectives.

Our unrivaled experience, technical know-how and event production expertise makes us the chosen corporate events partner for renowned local and national brands.