Design Services

Fashion Textiles

Established in 2007, Countryouths trades, sources and produces over 50000- 100000 garments per month for many entrepreneurial labels across the nation. Countryouths has all facilities from buying, manufacturing, printing, embroidery and washing. To keep in lieu with the latest design trends, Countryouths has collaborations with international resource partners who have an extensive library of products. The long-standing relationship with its buyers is a testimony for the service and commitment.

Countryouths is committed in holding a database of 1000s of professionals working for a single cause for representing Design and Fashion fraternity.

Since the inception Countryouths has been a point of resource and supply chain management company for apparels and accessories, crafts. We intend to provide an outstanding service in manufacturing and supplying of crafts, handloom, apparels and accessories from India to all prestigious buyers over the globe. Countryouths excels in sourcing, designing, product development and distribution. Teaming the most qualified experts there is a wide range of partners and suppliers worldwide.

Traditional crafts

India is a nation celebrated across the globe for its  heritage of explicable arts and crafts. Being a nation known for unity in its diversity, it is a home to an estimated 6.8 million artisans. The crafts sector could very well be the second largest source of employment in rural India after agriculture. 

Countryouths create awareness of crafts for customers to understand the value and cultural heritage behind it and how it can be applicable fashionably in today’s modern society. By empowering artisans with leadership qualities, we put them in a position of ownership of their creation which allows them to actively participate in decision making.  The organizational structure is defined by their real time on ground inputs, right from product planning to product placement.

Graphics work
Graphic Design is something which drives advertising and attracts us to brands. That is why Graphic Design is so important to our everyday lives. Graphic designs are present everywhere to be found be it newspaper, magazines, Packaging, branding, websites, posters, books, signage.  Graphic Design gives your Company a Face and Visual Presentation that just by looking at it; you have a feeling s and mental positioning in mind on the product. Graphics are required in our every day’s life. The strong meaning of graphic stimulates a person to reach for the product or feel drawn to it or to immediately decide its an inferior product and has no use for it. It can also Convey a message that you are established and should be taken seriously. A strong corporate identity can also convey that your company is far bigger than it actually is.  You can Instil a sense of trust in your target audience – If a company looks professional, your potential customers are more likely to trust that you can deliver. A creative and Strong Brand will make sure that your clients remember you – A large percentage of people remember what they see far better than what they hear or read. Standing out from your competitors is Vital. This can be done through all your visual avenues. Your corporate identity can highlight your competitive advantage and tell potential clients how you do business and why they should choose you.
Research and Development

Design Strategy is the starting point for all our clients, wherein we value, consumer research, data & trend analysis, insights & planning and info graphics & reporting.

Countryouths believes in harnessing innovation and breaking the conventional path for new possibilities.

Countryouths professionals have gained exposure, experience, and facilitation for their work. Starting from textile to product design and development we provide service to each and every related section of design society.

The services we provide:

  • We plan &  analyze the design situation
  • We create the design options (Manually/ digitally)
  •  We create technical packs.
  • We do prototyping
  • We create fashion and non- fashion articles (Client specific / Industrial)
  • We work on silhouettes / ensembles
  • We provide consultancies
  •  We deliver design lecture/ workshop/ seminar
  •  We plan and execute fashion & non fashion events
  • We live design, we create design and we serve designs as ‘whatever we see is Design”.


Interior Design
Outstanding Design philosophy

Our motive is to help you discover ways to feel more connected to your home and work place. So you can enjoy a sense of completeness. Karma provides integrated solutions that not only make your offices and homes look great but also create an optimal environment for achieving your corporate and personal lifestyle goals